NAACL HLT 2010 Workshops
Saturday, June 5th

WS2: Workshop on Computational Approaches to Analysis and Generation of Emotion in Text
Organizers: Diana Inkpen and Carlo Strapparava

WS3: Computational Approaches to Linguistic Creativity (CALC-10)
Organizers: Paul Cook and Anna Feldman

WS10: The 5th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Organizers: Joel Tetreault, Jill Burstein, and Claudia Leacock

WS11: Second Louhi Workshop on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents (Louhi '10)
Organizers: Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, and Sumithra Velupillai

WS12: Semantic Search (SemanticSearch 2010)
Organizers: Donghui Feng, Jamie Callan, Eduard Hovy, and Marius Paşca

WS13: Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Organizers: Melanie Fried-Oken, Kathleen F. McCoy, and Brian Roark

WS14: Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages (SPMRL 2010)
Organizers: Djamé Seddah, Sandra Kübler, and Reut Tsarfaty

WS15: 6th Web as Corpus Workshop (WAC-6)
Organizers: Adam Kilgarriff, Dekang Lin, and Serge Sharoff

Sunday, June 6th

WS1: Active Learning for NLP (ALNLP)
Organizers: Burr Settles, Kevin Small, and Katrin Tomanek

WS4: Computational Linguistics and Writing: Writing Processes and Authoring Aids (CL&W 2010)
Organizers: Michael Piotrowski, Cerstin Mahlow, and Robert Dale

WS5: Computational Linguistics in a World of Social Media: #SocialMedia
Organizers: Ben Hachey and Miles Osborne

WS6: Computational Neurolinguistics
Organizers: Brian Murphy, Kai-Min Chang, and Anna Korhonen

WS7: Creating Speech and Text Language Data With Amazon's Mechanical Turk
Organizers: Chris Callison-Burch and Mark Dredze

WS8: Extracting and Using Constructions in Computational Linguistics
Organizers: Magnus Sahlgren and Ola Knutsson

WS9: Formalisms and Methodology for Learning by Reading (FAM-LbR)
Organizers: Rutu Mulkar-Mehta, James Allen, Jerry Hobbs, Eduard Hovy, Bernardo Magnini, and Chris Manning

WS16: Young Investigators in the Americas Workshop
Organizers: Ted Pedersen and Thamar Solorio

NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop Co-Chairs
Richard Sproat, Oregon Health & Science University
David Traum, University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies