Student Research Workshop
Oral presentations marked with * will also be presented during the Main Conference Poster Session.
Oral Presentations

Improving Syntactic Coordination Resolution using Language Modeling*
Philip Ogren

On Automated Evaluation of Readability of Summaries: Capturing Grammaticality, Focus, Structure and Coherence*
Ravikiran Vadlapudi and Rahul Katragadda

Detecting Novelty in the Context of Progressive Summarization
Praveen Bysani

Extrinsic Parse Selection*
David Goss-Grubbs

Towards a Matrix-based Distributional Model of Meaning*
Eugenie Giesbrecht

Distinguishing Use and Mention in Natural Language*
Shomir Wilson

Poster Presentations

Identifying Opinion Holders and Targets with Dependency Parser in Chinese News Texts
Bin Lu

A Learning-based Sampling Approach to Extractive Summarization
Vishal Juneja, Sebastian Germesin and Thomas Kleinbauer

A Data Mining Approach to Learn Reorder Rules for SMT
Avinesh PVS

Fine-Tuning in Brazilian Portuguese-English Statistical Transfer Machine Translation: Verbal Tenses
Lucia Silva

Temporal Relation Identification with Endpoints
Chong Min Lee