NAACL HLT 2010 Program Overview
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Tuesday, June 1 – Tutorials
9:00 – 12:30Morning Tutorials
Recent Advances in Dependency Parsing Markov Logic in NLP Distributional Semantic Models Textual Entailment
2:00 – 5:30Afternoon Tutorials
Noisy Text Analytics Computational Psycholinguistics Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce Integer Linear Programming in NLP
6:30 – 9:00Welcome Reception
Wednesday, June 2 – Main Conference
8:45–9:00Opening Ceremonies
9:00–10:10Invited Talk: Steve Renals
10:40–12:20Parsing ISemantics INoisy Genre IStudent Research Workshop I
12:20–2:00IBM Student Luncheon
2:00–3:40Machine Translation ISpeech ProcessingNoisy Genre IIStudent Research Workshop II
4:10–5:30Posters and Demos: One Minute Madness
6:30–8:30Posters and Demos Session
Thursday, June 3 – Main Conference
9:00–10:15Paper Awards
10:45–12:25Machine Translation II IR and Extraction I Machine Learning I Morphology/Phonology
12:40–2:00 Bag Lunch Panel: Recent and Future HLT Challenges in Industry
2:15–3:30 Machine Translation III Generation Machine Learning II Lexical Semantics
Short Papers
Parsing Morphology/Phonology Noisy Genre Machine Learning
7:00–9:30Banquet, Maguire Gardens
Friday, June 4 – Main Conference
9:00–10:10Invited Talk: David Temperley
10:40–12:20 Parsing II Sentiment Analysis IR and Extraction II
1:00–2:00Business Meeting
2:00–3:40 Machine Translation IV Semantics II Summarization
4:00–5:15 Machine Translation V Semantics III Discourse
Saturday, June 5 – Workshops
9:00–5:00 WS2: Analysis and Generation of Emotion WS10: Educational Applications WS11: Louhi '10 WS12: SemanticSearch WS13: Assistive Technologies WS14: SPMRL WS3: CALC-10
WS15: WAC-6
Sunday, June 6 – Workshops
9:00–5:00 WS4: CL&W WS5: #SocialMedia WS6: Computational Neurolinguistics WS7: Mechanical Turk WS9: FAM-LbR WS16: Young Investigators in the Americas WS1: ALNLP
WS8: Extracting and Using Constructions