Paper Guidelines
Please see naaclhlt2010.pdf for detailed formatting instructions.

All submissions must be electronic in PDF and must follow the two-column format of ACL proceedings. Authors are strongly recommended to use the style files provided here. It is very important to specify US Letter format. The maximum length of a manuscript is eight (8) pages of content and one (1) additional page of references for long papers, four (4) pages for short papers. These page limits must be strictly observed. All camera-ready manuscripts should look like the sample PDF file below, which also contains detailed formatting requirements.

All Style Files LaTeX Files Microsoft Word
Presentation Guidelines
  • Full paper oral presentations are 20 minutes in duration, plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Short paper oral presentations are 12 minutes in duration, plus 3 minutes for questions.
  • Authors are encouraged to create presentations that can be viewed by an audience seated in a fairly large room.
  • Presenters should provide their own computer which can connect to the projector using a standard 15-pin VGA connector.
  • Please arrive at the conference room 10 minutes before the session starts and see the session chair for further instructions.
Poster Guidelines
  • Main conference posters should be no larger than 48 inches wide and 36 inches high.
  • The posters will stand on a table 5–6 feet long and 18 inches deep to allow space for a laptop, business cards, handouts, and food/drink. One chair will also be provided at each display.
  • Workshop conference posters will be of the same dimensions as above and set on tables as described above. Workshop poster sessions may be set up within the workshop room if space allows or may be set in a section of a nearby foyer if preferred. Please notify Priscilla Rasmussen of your setup preference and whether any special arrangements (such as refreshments, special internet for demos, etc.) are desired.
One-Minute Madness Presentation Guidelines

For posters and demos at the main conference only (not workshops or the Student Research Workshop).

This year, there will be a one-minute madness session where presenters of posters and demos for the main conference (not workshops or the Student Research Workshop) will have the opportunity to describe the highlights of their research. This is an excellent opportunity to draw people to your poster or demo!

Presenters should prepare one slide saved as a PDF file. Be sure that your PDF slide embeds the fonts that it uses, and do not link it to or incorporate sound files or videos. You should be able to present the slide in slightly under 1 minute. The madness presentations will be timed so that your slide automatically advances, so you will be allotted no more time than this. Please send your PDF no later than Monday, May 17, so that we will have time to put together the entire presentation. The PDF should be sent to both Mary Harper ( and Jill Burstein (